Play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold and receive $100
If you’ve never played them at an online casino before, games like blackjack are not only great fun, but also quite relaxing when played in the comfort of your home. There’s no smoke, noise or pushy dealers to stress you out – you can just take your time and even refer to guide books during play if you want!

This exciting version of American Blackjack first came into existence when gaming was legalised in the resort town of Atlantic City, New Jersey. This online recreation of the great game of 21 follows many of the same rules but with two main exceptions. Firstly, it incorporates 8 decks of cards, which is largely irrelevant to you (unless you are Rain Man!), and secondly, this version offers the Late Surrender option. This can actually help your chances of winning, so be sure to utilise it wisely! Click the ‘?’ for more info during the game.

Play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold this week, and the Top 5 Wagerers each day will receive £€$100 into their Casino Action Account.