Blackjack Strategy

Welcome to our website. Please pay attention to the fact that the correct basic strategy will change somewhat, depended on the rules used at a specific casino or table. This site will supply you with the suitable strategies for all the common BJ games.

Begin by Studying One Strategy:
For the intermediate player, particularly a novice it is arduous to study more than one strategy, so you ought to walk before you run. We suggest that you study the strategy that you will be playing the for the most part and use it all over for a period of time. It is simple to memorize the oddities later once you have conquered it. It is best to play the one strategy skilfully, with no blunders.
The chart underneath can be used as a beginning point. The only inconsistency would be if you play single deck frequently. If so, then have a look at our single deck card.

General Basic Strategy Chart

H = Hit | S = Stand | D = Double when allowed; else: hit | Ds = Double when allowed; else: stand | P = Split
Surrender 16 vs. 9, X or Ace (if rules allow surrender)
Surrender 15 vs. X

Never Purchase Insurance. 
By the way, keep your distance from the new single deck games in Vegas that pay 6:5 for blackjack (rather than 3:2). The probability prefers the house more than the different games. Play double deck if you cannot locate a 3:2 single deck game.